Archive | March, 2015

A listicle of things I am and am not good at

10 Mar

Things I’m good at:

  1. writing and editing and ending my titles with a preposition
  2. dancing
  3. sarcasm
  4. doing laundry
  5. listening
  6. washing dishes
  7. organizing things and knowing where everything is
  8. biology
  9. working out regularly
  10. arguing
  11. communicating
  12. remembering things
  13. having a sense of humour
  14. holding my alcohol


Things I’m not good at:

  1. math
  2. baking
  3. getting things back into a package when I need to return them to the store. Because I’m not an engineer okay, so you can leave the attitude at home, Best Buy Lady.
  4. putting something back together that I took apart
  5. ironing clothes
  6. taking a compliment
  7. painting a room
  8. not getting lost
  9. getting my eyebrows groomed regularly (eyebrows on fluke)
  10. video games
  11. sports
  12. being affectionate
  13. taking pictures or having pictures taken of me
  14. getting my facial gestures and vocal intonation to match what I really feel. (No honestly, I AM really happy for you)