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Why I Love Rap Music

28 Dec


I like to consider rap music to be street poetry. And these are the reasons why I love it.

It can be really deep…


J Cole unravels the tension between his new materialistic world and his distaste for the rich life in Chaining Day and Rich Ni****. Wu Tang Clan lyrically delineates the lack of social mobilization in the drug game in C.R.E.A.M., and Tupac Shakur brings a voice to the sub-par conditions and opportunities for Blacks living in America in Changes.

C.R.E.A.M dolla bill y'all

C.R.E.A.M dolla bill y’all

Macklemore’s White Walls may at first seem like a materialistic homage to his ride, but it’s actually a beautiful narration of the connection we make to simple things and the pride we take in things we work for (I aint got 24s/but I’m on those Vogues/That’s those big white walls/round them hundred spokes).

…And other times, not so much.

And other times rap is just about having a good time. So don’t take yourself so seriously all the time.


Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

I love Words. Especially Play on Words, and Words that Rhyme

Some of my favourite quotes are from rap songs. And if it isn’t obvious already, I’m a fan of words.

And I been getting high, just to balance out the lows.

-Fear, Drake

Heavy heart as I sit in Range/countin’ thousands out

Am I about dollars/or about change?

Am I about knowledge/or about brains?

-Miss America, J Cole

He's also super fine

He’s also super fine

Everyone trying to be trife/never face the consequences

You probably only did a month for minor offences

Ask a nigga doing life if he has another chance

But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance

Dance forever with the devil on a cold cell block

But that’s what happens when you rape, murder, and sell roc

Devils used to be God’s angels that fell from the top

There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot

-Dancing with the Devil, Immortal Technique

Everybody knows

I’m a muthafucking monsta

-Monster, Kanye West

Rap Teaches Camaraderie

We all love a good Sports Team or Army movie in which no man is left behind. Same goes for Rapper’s in their crews.


g unit

G-g-g-g-g unit!

crew love

She lovin the crew

 Nostalgic and Innovative

Despite the fact that some rap songs will take me way back to a time when I didn’t really understand the double entendre for “green”, rap has a way of using amazing samples from old songs and reworking them into something completely different with a whole new vibe. See You’re All I Need by Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige, Can I Kick it? by Tribe Called Quest, and basically anything by Bad Boy Records in the 90s.


Hand down my favourite song.

Raps Chicks are Bad Ass and Multi-Dimensional

Salt n Pepa, MC Lyte, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Lauren Hill, Missy Elliot, Iggy Azalea.

Smart, fashionable, creative, competitive, business-minded, and not afraid to talk about sex.

Rap Music is Motivating

Jay-Z started like a lot of other rappers, selling drugs. I’m not saying that we should all go selling drugs to rock Escalades and gold chains (or 2 Chainz. Ok I’m sorry), but it’s the business mentality, the hustle mentality that really get me going. Rappers are like coaches, telling you that you can win. Go out there, work, and get what you want! If I were any good at football, I would feel the same way about sports.

it gets the ppl going

Rap is Universal